Seminar week for 1st year students

“Robotics isn’t always the best way.
A clever mixture of conventional model building techniques is the optimal way.”

In 5 intensive days the students get to know better both the hardware and the software to successfully use 3D printing technology to generate a 3d printed site model. This basic workshop is part of the compulsory propaedeutic phase of the Course of Design and Construction I of the Chair of Professor Andrea Deplazes.

Structured with daily workshops and question rounds, the students are taught on a click by click basis to essentially understand the workflow and after, are left alone to use it in order to complete their respective plot of the Poblenou neighbourhood in Barcelona.


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3DLab – Cleaning plan



check submission parts according to PDF (3 digital submission parts, 1 physical submission part)

Day 1 – 21.03.2022, 10:30

Explanation of submission

Live-Stream Day 1

Day 2 – 22.03.2022, 10:30

8:00 – 10:30 Poblenou model built-up

Basics of layout and graphics in ArchiCad: 3dJony Course (ArchiCad Tab) W1-e – Intro to Automated 3D Based Documentation for Architecture Design

Live-Stream Day 2

Day 3 – 23.03.2022, 10:30

Basics of White Model Rendering: 3dJony Course (ArchiCad Tab) W-1b Intro to White Render for Architecture Design

Live-Stream Day 3

Day 4 – 24.03.2022, 10:30

Live-Stream Day 4

Day 5 – 25.03.2022, 10:30

Live-Stream Day 5