The 3DLAB is a facility located on the roof of the D-ARCH building which hosts 90 3D-Printing machines available to all qualifying students.  

The Help Desk is a space for students from students to help each other deal with common hardware problems and discuss the best practices when applying Hybrid Modelling. 
It is the first and last point of contact for the machine users and all their needs.

Consultation Hours 

Members of our team will be present during the consultation hours at the listed locations to help you find out the source of your problem and coach you in how to solve it.

Tuesday: 18:00-20:00
Wednesday: CLOSED
Friday: 17:00-19:00
HIL G60.1 + online
If you still have questions, join the Discord, where you can also find the Online Helpdesk.

Cleaning Schedule

 The 3D Lab must be cleaned regularly so that everyone can work comfortably in it. That’s why we created a cleaning plan. Which will be hung up in the 3D Lab. Every Monday and Thursday after the seminar week, two printer groups are assigned to ensure that the 3D Lab is clean. Organize yourselves, for this you have the chats for your printer groups on Discord. Please clean the floor and the windows, throw away the rubbish and tidy up the honeycomb wall with all it’s tools. At 8 a.m., we will check it to ensure that the 3D Lab has really been cleaned. If it is not to our satisfaction, we will withdraw the access to the 3D Lab for these groups for the rest of the year.


Based on the training given on the seminar week, users may search our growing database to find out how you can troubleshoot your machine.
Any further assistance, please contact the physical 3DLAB Help Desk.
Here you can download the full PDF with all the information on trouble shooting.