Seminarweek for 1st year students

“Robotics isn’t always the best way.
A clever mixture of conventional model building techniques is the optimal way.”

During the semester weeks of semesters I and II of the course of Design and Construction of Professor Andrea Deplazes, architecture students have the opportunity to discover and deepen their knowledge of modelling and 3D printing technologies.

Each morning, a new topic is introduced by Professor Benhamu during a workshop session; the students are taught on a click by click basis to essentially understand the workflow. Then, the students can work on their project during the day, collaborating with colleagues and asking for help from the HYTAC team.

During the week of the first semester, the students discover the 3D printer and have the opportunity to build it if they wish. A printer is provided for a group of 5 people.
The work must be handed in at the end of the week, with the aim of organising a large exhibition of all the work.

During the week of the second semester, the aim is to refine the modelling (partly made during the first weeks of the semester) and print a large scale model of El Poblenou in Barcelona that will help the students in their design for the Design and Construction course.

These 5 intensive days are a great opportunity to work with a fantastic and very helpful technologies, softwares and hardware, for design in architecture!