Seminar Week – HS22

During the seminar week of the winter semester 2022, the first-year architecture students deepened their knowledge of the basics of 3D modelling for architecture, acquired during the first weeks of the “HYTAC Basics” course. 
With the goal of the week being to print the first 3D models, the students were introduced to the Prusa 3D printers, which they will master by the end of the week. 

First, they quickly made a volume model in clay, in parallel with the specific input from Doz. Jonathan Benhamu on Rhino 3D software and Prusa printers. The motivated students were also able to familiarise themselves with the printers by building them from A to Z. 
To go from the physical model to the digital model, they used the Qlone app to scan their volumes and play with the automatically generated model. This way, the students are becoming more and more skillful with Rhino 3D. From then on, the students print their first models with the 3D printers and bridge the gap between the digital and non-digital world. 
Finally, they also learn how to create CAD drawings, very useful for their further studies. To put their concept in context, the student did Fast-impression-renderings, thanks to a shot of the digital model, and materialized it with hand drawing, creating a really quick preview of a whole project.

The aim of the week was therefore achieved: the bridge between the physical and the numerical, the analogue and the digital, to create something hybrid and unique between these two opposites is set. The students now have an overview of what can be done quickly and “simply” with their creativity and the support of technology.