Seminar Week – HS18

Hybrid Modelling

This semester, the exercise field stretches from the hardware by way of the context culminating in the object.
First, the students will be confronted with the mechanics of the 3D printers, their intellectual origins and the spirit of the global maker community.

This step is necessary so that the students may be able to care for the machines and troubleshoot any eventuality that may arise.
After the context, understood as the starting point for any architectural intervention, Hybrid Modelling takes advantage of the different modelmaking methods available to produce a “context model” in significantly less time.

Lastly: the object. Based on the hand sketch, the object is presented as an abstraction of any architecture project. Through a series of simple 3D modelling techniques, paper cutting tricks, and the use of dry modelling clay, the students are able to close a design circle that should allow for many iterations of a thoroughly studied object.