Seminar Week – FS22

El Pobleou Model

During the seminar week in March 2022, the 300 first-year architecture students worked together to complete the 1:200 scale model of the El Poblenou district in Barcelona.
The students were divided into groups of 2 to 4 people and assigned a plot of land. Using the cadastral plan and satellite images, they modelled their buildings in great detail. They were able to familiarise themselves with the Archi-CAD software, which is very useful in the field of architecture.
The 3D modelling and some of the printing had already been done in the HYTAC Basics FS22 course. During the week, they finished this work, while following daily workshops. They perfected their knowledge of the Prusa 3D printers and the Prusa-Slicer software.

This 14 by 5 metre model was intended to help them in their semester studio with Professor Andrea Deplazes, during which they had to design a neighbourhood in Poblenou.
The students worked together on a single Archi-Cad file thanks to the BIM-Cloud and the collaboration with IDC AG.


In 5 intensive days the students get to know better both the hardware and the software to successfully use 3D printing technology to generate a 3d printed site model. This basic workshop is part of the compulsory propaedeutic phase of the Course of Design and Construction I of the Chair of Professor Andrea Deplazes.

Structured with daily workshops and question rounds, the students are taught on a click by click basis to essentially understand the workflow and after, are left alone to use it in order to complete their respective tasks.

Seminar week – HS21

First 3D printing of the first year students

Using 3D modelling software, students discover the concept of space and use their imagination in a new way. 3D printers are then used to make this a reality. They acquired the basic notions of these technologies during their first weeks of study in the HYTAC Basics course. Then, they printed their first models with the Prusa 3D printers during the seminar week.

In early November 2021, a large exhibition with more than 300 works was on display in the entrance hall of the HIL.

Seminar Week – HS18

Hybrid Modelling

This semester, the exercise field stretches from the hardware by way of the context culminating in the object.
First, the students will be confronted with the mechanics of the 3D printers, their intellectual origins and the spirit of the global maker community.

This step is necessary so that the students may be able to care for the machines and troubleshoot any eventuality that may arise.
After the context, understood as the starting point for any architectural intervention, Hybrid Modelling takes advantage of the different modelmaking methods available to produce a “context model” in significantly less time.

Lastly: the object. Based on the hand sketch, the object is presented as an abstraction of any architecture project. Through a series of simple 3D modelling techniques, paper cutting tricks, and the use of dry modelling clay, the students are able to close a design circle that should allow for many iterations of a thoroughly studied object.

Seminar Week – FS18

First Contact with the new machines

The Department of Architecture decided to invest in a pilot initiative to allow 3d Printing to become part of the design process, so 100 3D Printers were donated by the Adrian Weiss Foundation.
This first seminar focused on supporting the 300 first year students in building the machines and teaching them how to operate them in 2 intensive days. Some of them were able to produce small projects.
The results prompted the Department and the Professor Deplazes to allow the initiative to continue as a Pilot Project, and simultaneously jump started the planning and building of the 3DLAB.