HYTAC exhibition – HS22

Following the seminar week in October 2022, the HYTAC team organised an exhibition, showing the work done by the first years. More than 300 boards containing 3 models and 3 representations (CAD, hybrid drawings, …); works showing the great creativity of the students and their ability to use the newly learned techniques.

It was also the moment to show what HYTAC does, especially in the framework of the elective course, where a model is 3D printed from a drone scan and a point cloud. It was also an opportunity to present our first published HYTAC journal.

At the opening aperitif, more than 400 people were gathered in the entrance hall of the HIL. The first edition of the HYTAC newspaper was also launched on this inaugural evening.The enthusiasm of the students and teachers at this event is a real encouragement and motivation for both the students themselves and the HYTAC team.