HYTAC Basics - HS23

The HYTAC Basics course during the autumn semester of 2023 aims to introduce first-year architecture students to 3D modeling and printing their first models. Over the course of the first weeks, students will be guided through a step-by-step learning process of the Rhino3D software.

In the fifth week of the semester, the Seminarweek intensifies the learning experience by delving deeper into modeling and printing techniques, while also introducing students to CADing with ArchiCAD. Additionally, students will be introduced to the various possibilities offered by 3D modeling, such as visualization and rendering in Twinmotion.
These tools will prove invaluable in the development of their future projects.
The 3DJony website is also very useful.
Questions can be searched/posted on the Discord Chanel and the HYTAC team is present at the Helpdesk if needed.
To effectively acquire the necessary knowledge, it is highly recommended to attend the lectures in person. Please take note that the course will be conducted via Zoom every other week, except for the first session, which will be held on-site (19.09.2023, 09:45, HIL E4).


When: Tuesdays 09:45 until 11:45
Where: HIL E4 – Zoom
Start of course: 19.09.2023
Helpdesk: Opening hours
Email: hytac@arch.ethz.ch


Delivery Miro Board: Delivery Miro Board
3DJony: 3DJony
Discord: HYTAC Discordhow to join discord

Lecture: Free VS. Parametric Modeling

Exercises: Rhino Foundations 3.4 – 4.6

Lecture: Modelling thought process + Modelling techniques part A

Exercises: Solid handling + Free modelling

Lecture: Modelling techniques part B + Modelling techniques part C

Exercises: Surface modelling + Boolean operators

Lecture: Watertight meshes + Levels of detail

Exercises: Mesh repair + Levels of detail

Preparation at home: W-1a: Archicad Foundations

Lecture: General CAD concepts + Story of AutoCAD + Scales in arch. drawings

Exercises: 2D CAD tools + 2D CAD modifiers

During the mandatory seminar week of semester I of the course of Design and Construction of Professor Andrea Deplazes, architecture students have the opportunity to discover and deepen their knowledge of modeling and 3D printing technologies.

This year the students’ atelier assignment will be the basis material for the HYTAC seminar week, where students will tackle topics of digital and hybrid architectural representation as a means to articulate and present their projects. 

Each morning, a new topic or lecture, from CADing to 3D printing or hybrid model making is introduced by lecturer Benhamu. 

These 5 intensive days are a great opportunity to work with fantastic and very helpful technologies, softwaresand hardware, for design in architecture!