HYTAC Elective - 2024

The HYTAC Elective Course offers the opportunity to explore alternative ways to approach Context Analysis. The students will learn the basic principles and workflows behind photogrammetry, 3d-modeling and 3D-printing, to produce digital and physical (3d-printed) models using drone footage.

By the end of this course, the students will be capable of:

    1. flying a drone
    2. creating and processing point-cloud-generated context models
    3. producing 3D-printed site-models in architectural scale
    4. using the above digital tools to advance their personal design workflows

The goal of the course is to introduce digital technologies and facilitate common architectural workflows by skipping the time-consuming processes of 3D context modeling.

The course includes:

  • Introduction to photogrammetry and 3D printing through lectures and tutorials.

  • Flight-Day: students will get the possibility to fly a drone (DJI Mavic 2 Zoom).

  • Generation of a digital twin of the selected site through photogrammetry and production of a physical model (3D printed).

  • Use of CAD software like Rhino, Blender and ArchiCAD. Basic skills can be acquired during the course.

  • A small design challenge using the newly learned skills.


When: Fridays 11:45 until 13:30
Where: HCI D4
Start of course: 23.02.2024
No class: 22.03.2024 (seminarweek)
Helpdesk: Opening hours
Email: hytac@arch.ethz.ch


3DJony: 3DJony
Discord: HYTAC Discordhow to join discord
Delivery Miro Board: Delivery Miro Board

Course preparation

The first day of class, on Monday 23.02.24, we will do a small introduction to 3d-printing and discuss on the general course structure and communication platforms.
Your presence is important since you will be arranged in small teams and assigned to a 3d-Printer that you can use during the semester.

On the second lecture, the 4th of October, we will introduce you to the basic principles of Photogrammetry and transition from theory to practice through a 3d “scanning” exercise.
Using your personal devices (phones or tablets) to take pictures, you will generate a digital model from a physical object of your choice.
The application we are going to use is Qlone https://www.qlone.pro/.
In order to get prepared for the class, please, download the app on your device and create a free account. Additionally, feel free to bring any physical model or object that you would like to scan.