Seminarweek – day 1 – 24.10.2022

Welcome to the seminar week!
This will be an intense week where you will consolidate your knowledge of modelling, rendering and CADing in Rhino to best represent your architectural ideas. You will also learn how to use a 3D printer to print your first models.


For students who have a printer already built: follow the tutorials on the Prusa website – load filament + first layer calibration

Submission: 3d printer that works!


  • build a physical model made of cardboard or Ton in a scale of 1:100 or 1:200 – VOLUMETRIC representation of exercise “2 Räume”
  • use Rhino to build a digital model of your Entwurf’s exercise, with DETAILS of the interior of the model
  • white model rendering of the Rhino model – follow the tutorial


  • photo of the physical model
  • min. one GOOD white rendering of the Rhino model
  • photos of the model/plans of the “2 Räume” exercise – Stellewand (due on Monday 17.10)

If you have questions, use Discord, Reddit and HELP EACH OTHER ! As a last resort, come and ask HYTAC members for support.

The days always end with a feddback from Jonathan on the work done during the day, to be posted on the Miro Board.

A good week to everyone!