24.04.2023 – Elevation, section and axo in ArchiCAD

Dear students,

PLN Download: 

Thank you all so much for participating today! The next and last lecture takes place on May 8th in the lecture hall HIL E3. I would really like to see you before your summer vacation!

Today, we discussed how to generate an elevation, a section and an axonometry from your 3D models in ArchiCAD, following the workflows we have prepared for the class. The deadline for the exercises 4, 5, 6 & 7 is 08.05.2023 at 9:45 AM. You can find all the necessary materials (PDFs and videos) as usual on the 3D Jony platform.

Next week, there is not going to be a lecture (May 1st: Labour Day). This is also the reason why we briefly explained to you today the Views & Layout workflow (exercise 8). The deadline for this last exercise (which is also your final submission) is May 8th at 9:45 AM.You can find all the material needed for this attached to this email and also on the 3D Jony website.

For the lecture on May 8th, please paste a screenshot of your layout that includes all the CAD drawings on our Miro Board. We marked the are where you have to submit your layout in green. We will review your work in class. You can also bring a printed-out layout of your submission, but this is not mandatory.

For those who were able to 3D-print their block in 1:1000:

  • Please place a paper tape or label on the printed model that indicates your block number. Please do not skip this step, it is highly important for the final assembly of the model.
  • Bring your model to the HYTAC Helpdesk. Be aware of the opening hours (Wednesday: 17:00-19:00 // Thursday: 17:00-19:00 // Friday 16:00-18:00 // HIL G60.1).

You can always preview the updated version of the “El Poblenou” BIMx file under this link. To access, you need to sign in with you BIMx credentials from IDC. Please check if there are any parts of you block missing.
To have the final BIMx-file ready for the lecture, we kindly ask you to update your files till May 6th 12 PM (lunch). Make sure to send and release all changes, otherwise they will not appear in the BIMx. For questions, please contact the HYTAC-Team (hytac@arch.ethz.ch).

Thank you so much for your efforts and we hope that you will find creative ways to use all these technical skills in the future.