13.03.2023 – Model check and 3D print

Dear students,

Thank you all so much for participating today. It made us very happy to meet you in your design studio and to work together on the “El Poblenou” ArchiCAD Model. We hope that it was a nice experience for you too!

As you may already know, there is not going to be a lecture next week because it is the seminar week. However, you can continue on working on the design of your block, and completing the following workflows (PDFs attached):

  • Model Check
  • Full Design
  • 3D Print

The submission deadline for the digital model and the 3D printed models (1:1000 model and 1:200 were needed) is on Monday April 3rd 2023 right before the lecture at 9:45 AM.

In case you have missing 3D elements in your block or if some buildings are missing, there is a possibility to find them in the submitted files of last year’s students. You can access the files with this link: nextcloud.ethz.ch/s/C5zKYay6oMtLNgj

As we mentioned today, the main task is to follow the 3D Print Workflow (PDF attached) and prepare your model for 3D printing.
You should get access to the 3D Lab by this afternoon. Make sure to get filament for your printer at the Helpdesk (opening hours) and start experimenting! Do not forget to recycle your supports and fail prints; there are recycling bins for white and grey PLA in the 3D Lab and in front of the Helpdesk.

In case you have not yet filled in the 3D printing contract (Verantwortungserklärung), please catch up on this and submit the document physically at the Helpdesk during the consultation hours.
REMINDER: If you share your printer with another block group, please write the contract together. It is important for us to have the contract for each printer where all the students who are using it are listed. Please write to the HYTAC team if you have any questions about this.

You can find all the workflows in form of videos and PDFs at the 3D Jony website: www.3djony.com/courses/w-1f-modeling-a-context-for-architecture-design-ryhaf
Our next lecture takes place online on March 27th. We are looking a lot forward to see the progress made by then!

Have a nice and enjoyable seminar week.