03.04.2023 – Layout in ArchiCAD

Dear students,

It was a pleasure to see that so many of you have managed to hand in their submission on time. Well done and thanks a lot for the work you did!
We are apologising for the confusion with some Atelierleiters about the HYTAC submissions. After seeing that most of you have anyways handed in their work on time, we decided to keep the submission date as we have set it previously a few weeks ago (03.04.2023 9:45 AM).

Today, we introduced you to the next steps of the HYTAC Basics Course. After completing the 3D modelling and 3D printing assignments, we will focus on producing CAD drawings including layouts in ArchiCAD. In the end of this assignment, you will have to deliver one layout per block group. Further information will follow in the next email.

Please find the workflows attached to this email for the situation plan and the section. Besides, you can find all the workflows that we previously shared with you in form of videos and PDFs on the 3D Jony website.

If you have not already done, please watch the videos and complete all exercises of 3D based CADing for Architecture Design on the 3D Jony website, in order to be ready for the upcoming tasks.

Our next lecture takes place after Easter on April 17th. The lecture is going to be physical only, no livestream and no Zoom. It takes place in the lecture hall HIL E3.
On this date, we will assemble the 1:1000 model together in the lecture hall. Please make sure to bring your 3D printed models so we can place them on the laser-cut cardboard base.
Moreover, those who were assigned to print the 1:200 models, please insert them into the big Poblenou model in the design studio in room HIL G41.
Both context models, the 1:200 and the 1:1000 have to be printed in PLA grey. Only your individual design proposals are meant to be printed in PLA white, to differentiate them from the context.

Last but not least, do not forget to always upload your screenshots of your progress on our Miro Board so we can evaluate your submissions. And in order to access the BIMx model, please use this link to see the model online via your web browser or alternatively you can download the current BIMx model from here.

Have a great Easter break !