17.10.2022 – CADing and seminarweek Infos

Be sure to have followed these two tutorials: 3D-Based CADing for Architecture Design and Ri-0c Manual CADing Basics in Rhino, for more details specific to CADing with Rhino.

Make sure you understand the following concepts: tools (line, fiils, …), layers, line thicknesses, clipping plane and make 2D* commands; more info in the tutorials.

As announced yesterday at the pre-lesson, here are the five obligatory preparation steps to get the best out of our seminar week!

  1. Form 3D printer team and sign contract.
  2. Define hardware professional
  3. Complete the “Prusa Foundations” tutorial
  4. Apply for Augmented Reality

Enclosed is a PDF with the exact instructions.
If you have any questions, please visit Discord, Reddit or contact us via email.