The HYTAC Basics course during the autumn semester of 2022 aims to introduce first year architecture students to 3D modelling and printing their first models. During the first weeks of the semester, students will learn step-by-step about the Rhino3D software and all the possibilities it provides for 3D modelling, visualisation and rendering.

During the seminar week, this basic knowledge will be made concrete by printing the first 3D models.

In order to acquire the necessary knowledge, it is recommended to follow the lectures in person; Please note that the course will take place in Zoom every other week, the first course will take place on site (26.09.2022, 09:45, HPH G1). The 3DJony website is also very useful.

Questions can be searched/posted on the 3DJony Reddit page, the Discord Chanel is open for everyone and the HYTAC team is present at the Helpdesk if needed.

When: Mondays 09:45 until 11:45
Place: HPH G1 – Zoom
Start of course: 26.09.2022

Course Material

Delivery Miro Board


3d printing cardinal rules

Course Content – HS22

Introduction and preparation: Ri-0 Rhino Foundations

26.09.2022 – Workflow presentation: Ri-0a Modeling Basics

03.10.2022 – Free Modelling 1: Modeling for Architecture Design

10.10.2022 – Introduction CADing:  3D-Based CADing for Architecture Design + Ri-0c Manual CADing Basics in Rhino

14.11.2022 – White model rendering: Intro to White Render for Architecture Design

28.11.2022 – Model rendering with Twinmotion: Intro to White Render for Architecture Design

05.12.2022 – Introduction to ArchiCAD: AC-0 ArchiCAD Foundationsw-1aw-1b + w-1c (ArchiCAD)