HYTAC Basics – FS23

The «HYTAC Basics» course of the spring semester 2023 aims to deepen the students understanding of 3d-modeling and 2D-CAD-drawings taught in the previous semester through transitioning from Rhino3d to the software ArchiCAD. By modeling a part of El Poblenou (Barcelona)– the semester’s design studio site – a thorough analysis of the local urban fabric will take place while simultaneously offering an ideal framework to test digital workflows for context preparation as well as teamwork set-ups in ArchiCAD. Furthermore, the different qualities, applications and levels of detail of digital and 3D-printed context models will be explored.

In order to acquire the necessary knowledge, it is recommended to follow the lectures in person; Please note that the course will take place in Zoom every other week, the first course will take place on site (20.02.2023, 09:45, HIL E3). The 3DJony website is also very useful.

Questions can be searched/posted on the 3DJony Reddit page, the Discord Chanel is open for everyone and the HYTAC team is present at the Helpdesk if needed.

When: Mondays 09:45 until 11:45 
Place: HIL E3 – Zoom
Start of course: 20.02.2023

Course Material


Please write to hytac@arch.ethz.ch for further information.

Abgabe Miro Board

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Course Preparation

AC-0 ArchiCAD Foundations

3d printing cardinal rules




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