As a teaching Unit of the Department of Architecture, HYTAC also engages directly with Chairs that are interested in offering new technologies to their students. The Chairs have their pensum, content and objectives that are complemented by punctual special Workshops only for their students in a series of short input series specifically developed for those exercises.

This ensures their students access to the new 3DLab and the use of the machines 24/7.

Since soon all the Students at the Department will have had the basic training, the room to grow in tandem with the Chairs is very promising. HYTAC offers different applications for emerging technologies to be integrated to traditional practices, so it provides an excellent platform for the innovation of work and design processes.

Fall Semester 2021 – B. Dillenburger

During the first weeks of Professor Dillenburger’s “Computational Design I” course, architecture students learn the basics of visual programming with Grasshopper, in parallel with the Rhino3D software, which is also used in the Hytac course.

During the seminar week of the fall semester 2021, the students made one of their Grasshopper parameterised models, a column, concrete by 3D printing it.
This column was part of the work handed in at the end of the week.

In addition, the students were introduced to augmented reality, which can be used with everyone’s phone to see the column in 3D, virtually.

Digital Building Technologies

Fall semester 2019 – A. Deplazes

The exercise in collaboration with Prof. Andrea Deplazes is a quest for finding what makes an architectural space. This prompts the student to develop a sequence of spaces. A specifically coordinated course allows for the students to be able to manipulate the internal space the way the professor explains it.

A direct correlation between the abstract ways of explaining the architectural space may become a little more practical, leaving the student with the sole responsibility of quality.

Chair of Professor Andrea Deplazes

Spring Semester 2019 – A. Deplazes

Based on the semester program of Professor Andrea Deplazes, the exercise was about developing a neighbourhood within a context made of pieces of diverse parts of European cities. A specific course was given to the students for them to be able to build the city using either 3D printing or conventional methods making them almost indistinguishable, allowing for each student to decide which method better worked for them.

Chair of Professor Andrea Deplazes

Fall semester 2018 – A. Deplazes

Based on the semester program of Professor Andrea Deplazes, the students were given a specific course that allowed them to better manage the modelling techniques to produce junctions of their “Structures”, allowing them to explore it through many iterations.

Chair of Professor Andrea Deplazes

Spring semester 2018 – A. Deplazes

Based on what the students learned in the first 3d Printing Workshop, elements of the workflow were taken into consideration by the developing team to accommodate this new technique. A point was made of letting the student decide in which modelling technique they would turn in their projects.

Chair of Professor Andrea Deplazes