Seminar Week – HS18

Hybrid Modelling This semester, the exercise field stretches from the hardware by way of the context culminating in the object.First, the students will be confronted with the mechanics of the 3D printers, their intellectual origins and the spirit of the global maker community. This step is necessary so that the students may be able to …

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Seminar Week – FS18

First contact with the new machines The Department of Architecture decided to invest in a pilot initiative to allow 3d Printing to become part of the design process, so 100 3D Printers were donated by the Adrian Weiss Foundation.This first seminar focused on supporting the 300 first year students in building the machines and teaching …

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Elective course winter semester 2021

The HYTAC Elective Course from winter semester 2021 gave students the opportunity to acquire basic skills for modelling with CAD software (Rhino, ArchiCAD) in combination with 3D-printing. The goal of the course was to facilitate the common architectural workflow by skipping the time-consuming process of handcrafted context modelling. Small exercises and challenges helped the students to learn how to …

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Fall semester 2018 – A. Deplazes

Based on the semester program of Professor Andrea Deplazes, the students were given a specific course that allowed them to better manage the modelling techniques to produce junctions of their “Structures”, allowing them to explore it through many iterations. Chair of Professor Andrea Deplazes

Spring semester 2018 – A. Deplazes

Based on what the students learned in the first 3d Printing Workshop, elements of the workflow were taken into consideration by the developing team to accommodate this new technique. A point was made of letting the student decide in which modelling technique they would turn in their projects. Chair of Professor Andrea Deplazes